On The Web

Universal Notes is a study tool unlike any other ever developed. For the first time, everything a medical student needs to know before they become a doctor is coming together in one place. The organizational framework for the educational content is competency-based and intuitive, allowing for rapid identification of curricular material. Unlike other “crowd sourced” information sources, Universal Notes is being meticulously built by medical students and medical educators who understand the processes of accreditation, the requirements for licensing exams, and most importantly, the primary goal of exceptional patient care.

On The Go

Universal Notes is not only a learning tool for students, but also a powerful teaching tool for faculty and residents. This portable curriculum is built specifically for the educational needs of students, and helps guide physician educators as they teach to the appropriate competencies and educational level of their students. No more looking through multiple sources to find the best description. No more searching for the right picture. Universal Notes will have it at all at your fingertips.